Chris Nash

Chris Nash

Chris Nash

Senior Business Optimization Consultant - @Sitecore

I am an experience marketing business architect and co-author of the book Connect: How to Use Data and Experience Marketing to Create Lifetime Customers.

I have worked on customer-facing projects with hundreds of companies in local and international scenarios. The co-founder of an email marketing company, I have extensive knowledge regarding the advantages of marketing automation as well as the real-world adoption challenges faced by companies seeking to leverage digital marketing tools.

I am hands-on with marketing tools as well as highly knowledgeable with designing and managing results-generating solutions. My background as an American living in Europe has helped me develop a deep understanding of the cultural, logistical and technical in’s and out’s of local and cross-border marketing.

Early in my marketing career, I was attracted to the idea of reducing inefficiency and approaching marketing more as a science than an art. As an early internet user while working at AT&T, I became inspired by new possibilities. I eventually mapped out an idea for a marketing tool called MyMarketingMachine. Based on the idea of implementing marketing campaigns as measurable processes, the idea evolved with the collaboration of many talented associates. In 2003, I co-founded the company Zoomio and MyMarketingMachine evolved into Zoomio Campaigner.

My prior background covers a broad swath of the marketing mix, including marcoms, PR, lead generation, copywriting, and corporate communications services. I have held marketing management and hands-on marketing positions at companies on both a full-time and interim basis.

As the co-founder of a start-up software company, I have given talks about entrepreneurship and marketing automation at ESADE Business School in Barcelona and Copenhagen Business School.

Specialties: Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Email Deliverability, CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce CRM, Super Office, Google Analytics, Ecommerce Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Scoring, Product Management, Marketing Automation Tools, Direct Marketing, Software Development, Web Services, Software as a Service (SaaS) Operations, IT Integration, Return Path Tool for Email Deliverability, Certified Sender Alliance, Marketing Tools Selection