Attend 2 days of world-class sessions by Sitecore product developers and Sitecore community experts.

1Registration & networkingDay 1 201712:00-13:00Registration
2Welcome day 1Pieter Brinkman13:00-13:05Main Stage
3Opening KeynoteLars Fløe Nielsen13:05-13:35Main Stage
4A futuristic showcase of the omni-channel capabilities of Sitecore XPBas Lijten & Rob Habraken13:35-14:20Main Stage
5Sponsor session Coveo - The Impact of AI-Powered Search and Recommendations in Sitecore Laurent Simoneau14:20-14:30Main Stage
6SwitchDay 1 201714:30-14:40Switch
8Data mining, prediction and machine learning with the xDBAmanda Shiga14:40-15:25Room 1
9Sitecore Helix PracticallyMorten Lyhr14:40-15:25Room 2
10Leveraging the Microsoft Bot Framework to build your own Sitecore enabled botsRobbert Hock & Alex van Wolferen14:40-15:25Room 3
11Coffee breakDay 1 201715:25-15:55Break
12Sitecore integration with Microsoft Cognitive ServicesMark Stiles15:55-16:40Main Stage
13Leveraging SXA to Empower Large OrganizationsJason Wilkerson15:55-16:40Room 1
14Using Specflow to drive your test automationNathanael Mann15:55-16:40Room 2
15Master Personalization and IntegrationDavid Walker15:55-16:40Room 3
16SwitchDay 1 201716:40-16:50Switch
17Sitecore Helix Fast trackAnders Laub16:50-17:35Main Stage
18Sitecore xDB In-Depth: Harnessing Contacts, Sessions and ClustersDmytro Shevchenko16:50-17:35Room 1
19Conjunction – Towards a better way of working with search in SitecoreSøren Engel16:50-17:35Room 2
20Five Keys to the Successful Context Marketing ProjectChris Nash16:50-17:35Room 3
21SwitchDay 1 201717:35-17:45Switch
22Sponsor session Telligent - Sitecore + Telligent Community; A Winning formula at CNVFarrukh Iftikhar & Jacob Coens17:45-17:55Main Stage
23Closing Day 1Pieter Brinkman17:55-18:00Main Stage
24Dinner & EntertainmentDay 1 201718:00-21:00Foyer
1Welcome day 2Pieter Brinkman08:30 - 08:35Main Stage
2What’s new in Publishing Service v2.0Stephen Pope08:35 - 09:20Main Stage
3SwitchDay 2 201709:20-09:30Switch
4Optimising Sitecore sites with Azure Redis cache and Machine LearningStefano Tempesta09:30-10:15Main Stage
5Use Roslyn to validate your Sitecore code and dataRobin Hermanussen09:30-10:15Room 1
6Using Sitecore’s API to expand EXM analytics tracking with xDBEduardo Moraes09:30-10:15Room 2
7Glass Mapper - Things that I really should have documentedMike Edwards09:30-10:15Room 3
8Coffee breakDay 2 201710:15-10:45Break
9Sitecore on Microsoft Azure PaaSChristof Claessens10:45-11:30Main Stage
10Sponsor session Hedgehog - How to Accelerate your Sitecore Development Experience!Charles Turano11:30-11:40Main Stage
11LunchDay 2 201711:40-12:40Break
12Extending SXA with custom componentsAdam Najmanowicz & Mark van Aalst12:40-13:25Main Stage
13Tooling for helix - with docker focusThomas Stern & Emil Klein12:40-13:25Room 1
14Sitecore Commerce OverviewThomas Møller Jensen12:40-13:25Room 2
15Personalizing for ImpactPhil Wicklund12:40-13:25Room 3
16SwitchDay 2 201713:25-13:35Switch
17How to start selling product with SitecoreWillem Haring & Erwin Werkman13:35-14:20Main Stage
18DevOps with Sitecore in the cloudNick Hills13:35-14:20Room 1
19Sitecore and ReactJSRichard Seal13:35-14:20Room 2
20How an integrated approach adds value to your digital marketing platformGert Maas & Erwin Rijss13:35-14:20Room 3
21SwitchDay 2 201714:20-14:30Switch
22Five Things You'll Love About Sitecore XconnectTodd Mitchell14:30-15:15Main Stage
23Sitecore MVC - A developers journeyChristian James Hansen14:30-15:15Room 1
24Sitecore using Platforms at Enterprise ScaleBrian Beckham14:30-15:15Room 2
25Like, Tweet, Personalize: The Untapped Potential of Sitecore & Social MediaMike Shaw & Jaqueline Baxter14:30-15:15Room 3
26Coffee breakDay 2 201715:15-15:35Break
27Sponsor session uCommerce - Accelerated Commerce on SitecoreMorten Lyhr15:35-15:45Main Stage
28Sitecore and JavaScript - finally in love!Alex Shyba & Adam Weber15:45-16:30Main Stage
29The Sitecore philosophyJeppe Grue16:30-17:15Main Stage
30Closing SUGCON Europe 2017Pieter Brinkman17:15-17:30Main Stage